Manicures and Pedicures – while these are services that are healthy for our being they are also so well deserving, relaxing and enjoyable. After a Pedicure your feet are just Happy! It feels great to slough off all the dry skin and have your nails shaped and image6.jpgcuticles pushed back, and nothing equals the foot, ankle and leg massage.

Spa Manicure and Spa Pedicure – these go one step (pardon the pun) further with a masque for the hand and legs to improve the appearance and increase circulation.

Manicures, the same as pedicures, but after all the work is completed your hands feel and look wonderful and you are happy to show them to the world, rather than hiding them.

We carry OPI polishes , What fun, great colors and names that make you chuckle! So take the time, have some fun, and maybe pick a new color this time.

OPI Gel Polish – This is a UV cured , soak off polish from OPI. There are up to 50 shades. This is a breakthrough in the nail industry, OPI gel manicures lasts up to two weeks without chipping, smudging or cracking and no waiting for nails to dry.

Vynlux Polish- This is a system that endures without a base coat. The exposure to natural light creates an enduring long lasting polish, that strengthens and resists chips over time.

Hand Paraffin – This is a melted clear wax that increases skin circulation and opens the pores, allowing lubricants in the wax and on the skin to penetrate. Great for dry cracked skin and soothing for arthritis.

Hand Facial. This is excellent for aging  and dry hands from repeated washing. This facial for the hands improves the appearance and feel of the hands and nails. Very nourishing!

Extra care is taken for Sanitation with our Pedicure and Manicure implements and equipment!