- Moisturize and Protect

 - Youthful natural radiance to accent features.

 - Minalmalize pores and even skin tones

 - Revitalizing to your skin


To enjoy the experience of a Deep Cleansing Facial, all you need to do is arrive at Off Mainstreet Salon. We will walk you to our relaxing hideaway room where tranquil music plays, aromatherapy candles are lit and a comfy robe awaits you.

Your esthetician will begin by analyzing your skin and it’s specific needs. Whether your skin is oily, dry or a combination, acne or prone to comedones (blackheads), each skin type has a specific mask, enzyme or infusion that may be required during your facial.

The next procedure image2.jpgwill include the cleansing and toning of your skin. The following 8-10 minutes will involve massage of your face under a flow of steam, message of the neck, shoulders and upper back. The manipulations involved in this massage will aid in lymphatic drainage and will helps to boost the circulation of lymph nodes and rinse the skin and underlying facial muscles of toxins.

The appropriate mask will be applied following the massage.

Papaya enzymes are used to dissolve dry surface cells hydrates and stimulates fresh new cells. Aloe Vera and Chamomile and Rose Hips infusions heal & soothe, dehydrated, sensitive, allergic or sunburned skin. Lemon Grass stimulates self-cleansing of the pores.

Included with a Deep Cleansing Facial, your hands or feet will be massaged with nourishing hydrating lotion, and placed in heated mitts or booties while you mask is beautifying your skin.

The experience of this type is a relaxing, calming event. The glow and relaxation of this experience lasts longer than your drive home. The benefit from this facial work continues. The circulation brought back to the skin will provide a change in the texture, feel and look of the skin. Many times pore size and comedones can be minimized and red flare ups reduced. An overall smoother appearance and feel to the skin is achieved.

Our estheticians have been extensively trained and have years of experience to support your needs. Clinical Formula. Skin Correctives, Aveda and Repechage are some of the main products used in our facial room. Specific needs can be addressed with problems such as Rosacia, Acne, Sunburn and medication reactions.

Aveda , Repechage and Novita Spa products are available for home support use. Ask your skin care specialist to advise you which products would be best for your skin type and needs.



A stimulating and therapeutic massage and cleansing of the skin. This is done incorporating the use of aromatherapy products with the most effective methods of cleansing, peeling, massaging and hydration for the skin. Also included, a unique stimulating facial bed and heated mitts and booties to soften your hands or feet. Enjoy the quiet and relaxing atmosphere.


Utilizing the natural therapeutic properties of the sea, this facial is designated to rehydrate, remineralize and rebalance the skin. The seaweed-based mask, rich in vitamins, minerals, and amino acids improves skin tone and texture, assuring instant softness and smoothness for a youthful look. Suitable for all skin types.

PARAFFIN FACIAL – 1 ½ hrs $ 100.00

Provides dramatic improvement for dry, mature skin. Increases circulation and softens very dehydrated, sun damaged or wind burnt skin.

BIO-LIFT (NON-SURGICAL FACE LIFT) – 1 ½ hrs $ 120.00

The bio-lift formula is a wonderful treatment for firming and toning the skin. Also works well on oily skins, which are keritinized and dehydrated or have enlarged hair follicles or pores.

TEEN FACIAL: - 1 hr. $ 75.00

This youth facial teaches the basics of proper skin care and daily cleansing routine. This consists of removal of dead surface cells, cleanses the pores and reduces the amount of breakouts.

ACNE FACIAL – Calcium & Calamine Mask 1 ½ $ 100.00

This mask is highly soothing and effective in the exfoliation process and retexturizing of the skin. While it sooths it also reduces redness, very good for acne type skin.


This facial rich in vitamins, amino acids and minerals helps to prevent dehydration, fine lines and assists in maintaining proper moisture balance.

BACK FACIAL – 1 hr. $ 70.00

A deep cleansing of the upper back area. Results in the removal of deep surface cells and helps reduce inflammation.

GENTLEMAN’S FACIAL – 1 hr. $ 90.00

Deep cleansing facial accommodating specific challenges of bearded skin.

GLYCOLIQUE PRO 30 $ 110.00

A “Mini – Peel”. A rapid exfoliation treatment that improves moisture level, reduces finer lines and wrinkles. This smoothes the skin surface and radiance, helps with acne, and scarring and skin discoloration. This is a non-toxic, non-abrasive fruit acid.

MINT MOISTURE MASK – 1 ½ hrs. $ 100.00

A combination of Mint and Papaya to sooth and soften dry and tired skin. Included with this is the Deep Cleansing Facial.